When we think about a personal injury lawsuit related to a car accident, most often the scenario involves a negligent driver and an injured victim who was riding in another car. Did you know, however, that a personal injury lawsuit can be filed by someone who was riding in the same car as a negligent driver? If a passenger is injured because a driver did something reckless or dangerous, the passenger can seek compensation from the driver through a personal injury lawsuit if he or she so chooses.

A car accident that happened near Milwaukee yesterday provides a good example of a situation in which a passenger may choose to sue a driver. Just after 2:00 a.m. yesterday, a car was speeding in Whitefish Bay when police attempted to pull it over. The driver refused to comply, however, and police did not want to start a chase. Eventually, the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a tree.

Both the driver and passenger were injured in the collision. Although their injuries were not life-threatening, they were severe, so both were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. On top of the fact that the driver was speeding, police suspect the driver was also intoxicated. The driver has been charged with DUI, fleeing police and causing physical harm to another person. 

In this situation, it is clear to see how the driver’s negligence led to the passenger’s injuries. And even though the driver is now facing criminal charges related to the accident, that will do little to make up for the injuries and medical expenses the passenger is now forced to deal with. In a situation like this, a successful personal injury lawsuit could result in compensation to the victim that could help him or her cover medical bills and other expenses related to the incident. 

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Two are injured when speeding car hits tree in Whitefish Bay,” Lee Bergquist, June 2, 2013