According to the CDC, slip and fall accidents result in over one million injuries annually and 20,000 deaths per year, mostly in the elderly population. [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] attorneys represent people injured in slip and fall accidents every year. Living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin means that we must be careful to look out for the accumulation of snow and ice. Taking just some specific steps may help prevent a nasty spill and a serious injury:

Before entering out into the cold make sure to check the weather and dress appropriately! 

It is important to wear proper footwear when going outside in winter conditions. Boots that are made to grip and are anti-slip are preferable. It may be fashionable to wear certain high heels or shoes on a fun night out, but it can lead to a dangerous slip and fall. 

Use handrails, handles and banisters when traveling, especially if going down steps. While it may be tempting to keep your hands warm in your pockets, it is more important to maintain your balance when traveling down icy stairs and sidewalks.

Pay extra attention to wear you are walking to avoid slick or slippery areas. If you are unsure if an area is safe, try to use an alternative route.

Keep a look out for properly salted walkways and sidewalks and utilize these instead of going through areas that have not been shoveled.

If you do feel yourself falling, protect your head first.

If you do sustain an injury, seek appropriate medical treatment and report the injury to the property owner or other responsible party; but contact an attorney before giving any recorded statment.

However, sometimes a person slips and falls despite taking proper care for themselves.  When a slip and fall injury or accident happens due to the negligence of another, such as a landlord, store, maintenance company or office building, [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] attorneys look to get the best results for the injured person. There are rules that building owners and snowplow companies have to follow in maintaining their property in our winters.  If they fall short of those standards and a person is injured, there is compensation to be sought.  Slip and fall cases are not easy, negligence or legal responsibility for the accident is often shared or contributed to by both the injured person and the party responsible for the snow and ice removal.  Still, if one is the victim of a slip and fall accident injury it is worth contacting a personal injury attorney for a free initial consultation.  Our office has extensive experience handling neck and back injuries from slip and fall accidents.