Accidents with semi-trucks can lead to very severe injuries that require expensive medical care. This is one reason why some people who are involved in an accident with a semi-truck might choose to seek compensation.

As we discussed last week, big rig accidents can be caused by several different factors. Those factors can determine who is liable for the accident. The parties who are liable for the accident are the ones who will be listed as defendants in your claims for compensation.

Once we determine who to hold liable for the accident, we can get work trying to settle your claim. Not all truck accident cases end up going to court. Many semi-truck accident cases are settled out of court. We can help you to determine if that is possible in your case.

There are several reasons why settling your truck accident claim out of court might be the best option for you. Generally, you will get a lower settlement, but you will get it faster. Getting access to the money faster is often a huge benefit, especially if you have expenses from the accident that are building up.

There are two types of settlements that can be used in semi-truck accident claim cases — structured and lump sum. A structured settlement means that you will get checks at regular intervals for a predetermined amount of time. A lump sum settlement means you get all the money at once. We can help you to explore how either of these options can affect you if you are considering a settlement in your case.