Workers’ compensation coverage is one option that can help Wisconsin workers who are injured while they are working. The coverage that the program provides isn’t limited only to injuries from accidents. Instead, workers are protected from degenerative injuries that occur at work, as well as illnesses that occur because of workplace conditions. We know that trying to figure out the workers’ compensation program might be a bit challenging, but we are here to help you learn what you need to know about workers’ compensation coverage.

All employers have a duty to do what they can to keep workers safe. This means making sure that duties that could be dangerous have proper safety protocol. It also means making sure that all equipment and all protective devices are in good repair. If the employer drops the ball on any of these safety factors, employees can be injured.

One thing that can happen if an injury is caused by an accident is that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will investigate. An OSHA investigation looks into violations of the guidelines that OSHA has set to keep employees safe. The results of an OSHA investigation might be a huge factor in a claim for compensation for an on-the-job injury.

We know that trying to work through all the laws and procedures for workers’ compensation can be difficult. If you have been injured or gotten ill on the job, we can help you learn what you need to do to seek compensation through the program. We can also help you learn if there are any other avenues for compensation that might apply for your case.