Route delivery merchandiser is a tough job where a back injury of some sort is a question of when not if. Whether delivering and shelving soda, water or beer, merchandisers move literally tons of material every single day. While equipment like lift gates, hand trucks or forklifts can help, there is no getting around the fact that 90% of the job is manual brute force. Most merchandiser work injuries are not due to a single lifting incident resulting in immediate, acute low back pain. Rather, the back simply wears down over time from the accumulated wear and tear from the physical demands of delivering merchandise over time.

A food or beverage route delivery merchandiser delivers and displays is an expert in packaging and displaying merchandise in retail stores for customers in an efficient, attractive and professional manner. Retail outlets include stores, shops, restaurants and businesses.

The job may include loading his or her delivery truck with cases of merchandise, driving a route, then unloading and stacking or shelving the merchandise on location. What sounds simple to the uninitiated is actually a very demanding and tough job. In addition to the pressure of a schedule and the precision to make the displays appealing without losing product to waste, it is a back-breaking job.

The route delivery merchandiser back injury cases we see with successful workers compensation claims involve workers when Work is performed 50-80% of time at locations stocking product with 20-50% on the road driving. Driving a 10-15-ton vehicle in all types of weather, slippery surfaces, lifting hazards, exposure to moving vehicles and equipment, traffic hazards, especially in Wisconsin winters, with fall hazard working on docks and tailgates, and some bouncing, jarring, vibration from truck operation. Merchandisers also use a hand truck, pallet jack, forklift, carts, dollies, straps, lift gates, and pallets.

McCormick Law Office attorneys represent merchandisers with lumbar herniated disc, bulging disc and degenerative disc disease which are caused by the physical jobs they do on a daily basis.

Our attorneys get the best workers comp results when the merchandiser job duties are consistent with: Constant Standing/Walking when not driving. Constant Lift/Carry cases from 5 – 100 plus pounds depending on the product and packaging size. Frequent Push/Pull using both hands and arms while moving product with hand truck, pallet jack or dolly. Occasional Climbing  of steps or ladder at location. Constant Bending/Twisting at the waist while loading/unloading items from warehouse to truck to location. Occasional Kneeling/Crouching while stocking or off loading of pallets at floor level.

When one can’t return to his job as a merchandiser due to work-related restrictions, there are workers compensation disability benefits from settlement or hearing.