The motorcycle company Yamaha has signed on to remain as a partner with Road America through 2019. Yamaha has been working as a rider education partner for the event since 2013. In a statement released by Yamaha, the company is excited to continue its partnership with Road America in an effort to provide education and safety training by expanding their rider initiatives at a premier venue in the country.

Yamaha will take part in various areas of the venue as an official partner with Road America. The company will also have a large presence at the track teaching rider safety courses. Those teaching the rider safety courses have gone through extensive motorcycle safety training themselves that was provided by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT). Students who complete the basic safety course meet a requirement that is necessary for obtaining the Class M endorsement on their license for motorcycles in Wisconsin.

The basic rider course offered at Road America lasts for 16 hours and involves both classroom and practical lessons. The students learn basic riding techniques on bikes supplied by Yamaha. Two other courses provided by Yamaha at the event are Street Skills Course 1 and Street Skills Course 2.

Instruction for all of the courses at Road America is provided on an off-street, controlled environment. Road America is known as the largest motorcycle training school in the state of Wisconsin.

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Source: Road Racing World, “Yamaha To Remain Official Rider Education Partner At Road America Through 2019,” Dec. 13, 2017