Summer is upon us, and for Wisconsin residents that means it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors. While boats, ATVs, Jet Skis and the like can be a fun way to pass the time and soak up some sun, they also carry the risk of an accident and injury much like regular motor vehicles. Many people may not get the compensation they could because they aren’t aware that, in some cases, injuries surrounding these types of accidents may be able to be handled by a personal injury attorney.

One of the most common situations under which these accidents occur is when people rent recreational vehicles from a business. When this happens, you are trusting that the business keeps the vehicles properly serviced and that they are safe under the correct operation. However, this isn’t always the case. If a business owner knew of a problem with a vehicle and didn’t take care of it or knowingly rented the vehicle out, you may have grounds for a personal injury suit against the owner.

Another common issue is a product defect. Just like motor vehicles, recreational vehicles sometimes have recalls for defective parts or possible safety hazards. If the manufacturer was aware that there was an issue and did not recall the product, there could be a possibility of a civil suit.

These situations can be slightly different from other personal injury cases, and it’s important to talk with an attorney to learn more about your options. At the McCormick Law Office, we have the knowledge you need to help you through every step of your case.