When a person is surrounded by thousands of pounds of steel, it is easy to feel invincible. But anyone who has been in a high-speed accident can relate that cars and trucks can be damaged badly enough to cause injuries to the people inside. Although fatal accidents are rare in Wisconsin, they still happen when the circumstances are wrong.

Three drivers have died while being chased by police officers in Milwaukee in a 10-day period. The latest incident injured a nearby person when the suspect’s car struck a sport utility vehicle. Another incident involved a collision with a school bus and caused seven injuries.

This rash of dangerous chases has come as Milwaukee’s police department is operating with a new policy that allows officers to pursue reckless drivers. Although the policy has possibly contributed to more high-speed chases on the streets of the Beer City, the department does not plan to change it.

“We’re at a critical point in the city, in certain neighborhoods, where drug dealers, violent offenders, operate with a sense of impunity,” said an inspector with Milwaukee’s police department. “And as a law enforcement agency … we all have to take a standing.”

Victims of car accidents involving law enforcement vehicles or privately owned cars may open drivers and governments to lawsuits regarding damage and injury caused by collisions. Medical attention is always the top priority after an accident, but legal advice is often the best second step to take. An attorney can help advise on the consequences of a car accident and the best way to seek financial damages.