A man involved in a high-speed police chase was killed when his truck crashed, and it appears the accident came after police attempted a Precision Immobilization Technique) (PIT) maneuver.

Police reportedly spotted the man speeding in his truck shortly before midnight. The officer who saw him tried to pull him over, but he would not stop and tried to get away from the squad car.

The officer then gave chase, catching up and using the PIT maneuver to stop the vehicle. That technique requires the officer to make contact with the rear corner of the suspect’s car, turning that vehicle sideways in the road so that it has to stop.

As the officer carried out the maneuver, the truck went out of control. It smashed into a tree on the side of the road. Pictures from the scene show the vehicle completely bent around that tree, with the driver’s side door crushed in. The man did not survive the accident. He was just 25 years old.

People in the neighborhood said that they were shocked because this isn’t the type of thing they usually see.

The police department is carrying out an investigation. While they do so, in accordance with standard procedure, they have put the officer on administrative duty. That officer has been on the force for five years and is 29 years old.

The outcome of that police investigation could prove very important to family members, who will want to know if the chase and PIT maneuver were necessary or if the death could have been prevented. It’s very important for people in that situation to know what legal options they have.

Source: Fox 6, ““I’m shocked:” Police pursuit ends in crash that kills 25-year-old West Allis man,” Aaron Maybin, March 02, 2018