Early May saw a number of deadly car accidents in Grant County, Wisconsin, and the police are investigating two of them.

The first does seem fairly straightforward, though reports indicate that the police are still looking into it to verify who was at fault. A man was riding a motorcycle, passing another car, when his bike went out of control for some reason and he crashed. That crash happened on a Saturday, just before four in the afternoon, out near Hunters Hollow Road and County Road K. Emergency crews did try to save the man by doing CPR and bringing him to Grant Regional Health Center, but he passed away from his injuries.

The second accident is a bit more complicated, and it involved two vehicles. The crash happened at the intersection between Hwy 80/81 and Hwy 81. A Chrysler van was going south on Hwy 80/81 while a Jeep Liberty was heading east on Hwy 81. There was a stop sign for the Jeep, but police think at this time that the driver did not stop, went through the intersection, and drove right into the side of the van.

There were three men in the Jeep, but police have only identified one of them so far. The driver of the van was killed. Those who survived have serious injuries and were taken to UW Hospital.

Have you lost a loved one in a car accident? As the police carry out their investigations, it’s important to know what rights you may have to compensation in Wisconsin, as it can help with things like funeral costs, lost wages, and more.