With the ever-increasing traffic, distractions, Wisconsin winter weather and countless other conditions affecting our daily travels, we all must be vigilant drivers. The problem is you can be caught up in a crash regardless of the care taken on the road.

If this should happen to you or someone you care about, there are some basic things to remember. Based on over 30 years of experience helping folks recover from accidents, we are able to share some sound suggestions about personal injury claims and what to do immediately after an accident on our practice pages.

Emergency medical care is the obvious first consideration. Serious injuries resulting from major wrecks create a scenario that is likely not in your control. But it’s often the case that the accident, although causing injuries, isn’t so critical as to prevent you from calling the police. The police report is a documentation of the circumstances while the happenings are fresh. Accident reconstruction is relevant, but the immediate noting of facts can be valuable.

It’s also important not take the blame for the accident to police or the other parties involved. Untruths aren’t appropriate when reporting facts, of course. The point is that voicing speculation about the whys and wherefores may harm a claim later on. It follows, too, that if the police give you a ticket or citation, admitting guilt or paying the fine before establishing all the facts can compromise a claim.

Sometimes, people refuse medical care because they believe themselves to be fine. It may be a better choice to let a doctor make that decision. In addition to protecting your health, car accident injuries can surface later. Medical review at the time of the accident can help establish a timeline.

Most insurance policies require the company be notified immediately when an accident happens. Giving an insurance company any reason to discredit you or negate a claim can be unwise. Once agents are aware of the accident, it can be helpful to have an experienced advocate handle communications and, if needed, negotiations that can lead to a resolution.

Some accidents are inconveniences that temporarily disrupt a family’s routine. Others create serious hardships that last a long time. Many fall somewhere in the middle. It’s helpful to rely on a practiced professional to help sort out the best way to handle the incident and protect your interests.