Past medical bills or health care provider expenses incurred as a result of a car accident, are recoverable in a personal injury case.  Passengers or drivers in automobile collisions often have bills: ambulance, emergency room, primary care physician, surgeon, hospital, therapy, radiology, MRI that need to be paid. Our attorneys always make sure the bills are accounted for we never settle a case without the client’s thorough understanding and consent to bill resolution and subrogation consideration.  We include a claim for the sum of money will fairly and reasonably compensate an injured person for past health care services.

The negligent driver’s insurance company is responsible for the sum of money that has reasonably and necessarily been incurred from the date of the accident up to the time of settlement or trial for the care of the injuries sustained by injured person as a result of the accident.

We collect and use the health care providers’ billing statements for health care services the injured person has received since the accident.

These billing statements establish the value, reasonableness, and necessity of health care services provided to the injured person.  The defendant may dispute the value or reasonableness of the charges or necessity of the treatment, but mostly the defendant will claim the treatment or bills were not caused by the accident.  We need a doctor to state the bills are reasonable in amount and incurred as a result of the accident.

If the defendant challenges the value or reasonableness and necessity of the bills, it has the burden to prove they were not reasonable in amount or necessarily provided to care for you.  The defendant must prove by the greater weight of the credible evidence, to a reasonable certainty, that the billing statements were not reasonable in amount or do not reflect health care services reasonably and necessarily provided to care for you.  The injured person must still prove whether the health care services were provided for the injuries sustained as a result of the accident.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin McCormick Law Office attorneys get the best results for past medical bills by having certified medical bills from your doctor, physical therapy, surgeon, hospital, radiologist, emergency room and other clinics. The past medical bill claims should be honest and trustworthy in that the bills are not blown up by the health care provider.  Over treatment can harm a claim and make it more difficult to settle a case for top value.  In trial preparation, we take great care in assembling quality proof to get the largest settlement value, we always respect the process and weigh that the cost of proving the case is affordable to the client in auto accident or collision cases.