Very few things tug at the heartstrings of Milwaukee folks more than an infant’s death. Parents in another state dealt with that pain in 2008. They filed a wrongful death lawsuit because recently they read in a newspaper a chillingly familiar story about a baby who died that year. What was news to them, however, is that he died from an infection by flesh-eating bacteria.

The parents seek damages from the defendant for medical and funeral expenses and negligence that resulted in the death of their son. There’s no doubt that money isn’t the answer to grief from the loss of a loved one. It is a way, however, to hold responsible parties accountable – something which helps survivors cope.

The baby boy was born at 26 weeks and placed into the neonatal intensive care unit of the hospital. The complaint avers his condition was improving between his birth date of July 28 and Aug. 21, the day his mother noticed an irritation on his skin. They claim it quickly spread and became a discolored, open wound causing pain and suffering to the baby. With sepsis noted as the cause, he died on Aug. 25.

In April of this year, a newspaper website article talked about five infant deaths between 2008 and 2009 at the same hospital. While reading it, the mother realized one of the children described matched her son’s identity. The suit alleges it discussed his contraction of the bacteria known as mucorycosis, a fact unbeknownst to them. They later discovered the source was contaminated bed sheets used in the hospital neonatal unit.

A responsive, personalized approach to both the emotional and legal aspects of such a loss can help achieve both recovery and justice. It’s difficult to imagine the shock and dismay learning this information likely caused the family. Gaining a clear understanding of legal remedies and options can provide a sound basis for moving forward.

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