Being involved in an accident with a semi-truck is one of the scariest things that will happen to some drivers. These accidents are often thought to be the fault of the semi-truck driver, but that isn’t always the case. There are two other primary factors that can cause a semi-truck accident: trucking company policies and equipment failure.

Trucking company policies can lead to accidents when the focus is put primarily on speedy deliveries instead of safety. Tight deadlines can force truckers to drive too many hours or to let certain safety procedures, such as proper securement of the cargo, fall by the wayside. When the trucking company’s policies favor anything over safety, the company might end up being the cause of a big rig accident.

Equipment failure is another likely cause of trucking accidents. When you consider the size of the trucks and trailers, as well as all the components necessary to make them function properly, you can understand why equipment failure is possible.

When any piece of a tractor-trailer rig isn’t working properly, the entire rig is in danger. It would be devastating if the truck’s brake system malfunctioned. That could cause a catastrophic accident that injures or kills innocent drivers and their passengers. When equipment malfunctions, the manufacturer might be the party to hold liable.

One of the main decisions that has to be made in a truck accident case is which parties will be named as defendants. Taking all the facts of your case into account will make it easier to learn which defendants should be pursued.

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