Getting into an accident with a semi-truck or a bus isn’t something that is easy to cope with. In fact, these accidents are often associated with serious injuries. For people who are injured in these accidents, determining the cause of the accident is usually a very important part of the case for seeking compensation. We know that trying to determine the reason is something that can be very difficult.

In the case of truckers and bus drivers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has set regulations regarding the number of hours that the drivers can work each day. These regulations also set the requirements for the number of hours that the drivers must have off duty. When an accident occurs, the log books that the driver keeps are the way to determine if the regulations were followed. If these regulations aren’t followed, driver fatigue is a possible cause of the accident.

Relying on paper log books leaves room for error. That room for error is being reduced thanks to a new rule by the FMCSA. The new rule states that drivers must use electronic log books. This takes out a large portion of the chance of human error since the logs are done automatically and electronically.

Seeking compensation after a semi-truck accident can help you to cover the costs of the medical care necessary after the accident. We can help you get your claims for compensation together. One aspect that we can help you with is investigating the driver’s logs and other factors that might help to give us an idea of what caused the accident.