Motorcyclists can be gravely injured in accidents with other vehicles. The injuries that are possible can range from a bad case of road rash or a broken bone to brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. These injuries may require long-term medical care and possibly therapy that can be extremely costly, even with health care insurance.

When motorcyclists opt to seek compensation, they often have to prove that they weren’t at fault for the accident. Some people falsely assume that if a motorcycle and a vehicle were in an accident, the biker had to have been the person to cause it. The truth is far from that. In fact, in two-thirds of motorcycle accidents in which another vehicle is involved, the driver is the one who caused the accident.

The last thing that you need when you are trying to battle back from injuries after a motorcycle accident is to find that you are having to fight tooth and nail for the compensation that can help to relieve the financial pressure that you are facing. There isn’t any reason why you and your family should have to be on the hook for medical bills and other expenses. Instead, you can seek compensation via a civil lawsuit to require the at-fault driver to cover those costs.

We understand that you need someone to listen to your side of the story without jumping to conclusions. We can work with you to find out exactly what happened so that we can work to address the key points that are necessary for you to file a civil suit.