A man had parked his vehicle on Wisconsin 29, sitting on the side of the roadway right around 8:40 a.m. He was sitting near the westbound lanes of the highway. His vehicle was struck, and he was killed when a semi that was coming down the road in the right-hand lane smashed into his parked vehicle.

The man was 59 years old, and he was from Howard, Wisconsin. As of now, his name has not be given out to the public because authorities are still in the process of notifying his family.

Police officers closed down the road and did an investigation that took about three hours. A captain with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office said that it appeared that the whole incident happened at an incredible rate of speed, making it so that the semi driver did not have any time to stop. He did indicate that the driver attempted to slow down or stop his truck, but there was just no way he could do it in time.

An investigation is still being carried out, so police did not say definitively who was at fault. They were attempting to figure out why the other vehicle was stopped in the first place.

Since the road had to be closed down, traffic was directed to take a detour. However, right around noon, the police opened the highway back up and got traffic going like normal once again.

When truck accidents result in a death, the family of the person who was killed may want to look into what legal rights they still have to seek compensation for their loss. They could also look for compensation for the bills that could come about as a result of the accident or the death.

Source: Green Bay Press Gazette, “Semi hits, kills Howard man on westbound 29“, Nathan Phelps and Doug Schneider, July 8, 2014