Taking to the roads for short or long travel purposes is a daily event for most people in Wisconsin. Motor vehicles get us to work, take us home at the end of the day, ensure we make it on time to children’s school functions, and allow us to enjoy many leisure activities. While most of our time spent using motor vehicles is positive in nature, things can go wrong in just a split second, leading to injury and death in a car accident.

One 79-year-old man lost his life in a recent accident in Wisconsin. He probably didn’t think that would happen when he climbed into his car that day.

According to authorities, the accident involved three vehicles. In addition to the 79-year-old victim, at least two other people were injured in the accident. Those people reportedly had non-life-threatening injuries and were treated at local hospitals.

Police report that the accident occurred around 4 in the afternoon on Aug. 21. During emergency response and police investigation of the accident scene, traffic was routed around the scene. At the time the accident was reported by news media, police were still investigating the cause of the incident.

Accidents can occur for hundreds of reasons. Distracted drivers, faulty vehicles, dangerous road conditions, and sudden changes in the flow of traffic can all be reasons for a crash. When an accident does occur, investigators look for the cause in part so they can determine who might be liable in the accident. When a person is liable — meaning he or she took some action or did not take some action that then caused the accident — this individual can be held accountable for financial damages of others in the accident.

Source: NNCNow.com, “One dead, two hospitalized in Town of Bayview crash,” Aug. 21, 2015