According to a press release from, a Wisconsin worker is facing surgery after a serious injury in a plant located in the state. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has investigated the case. Following an inspection of the plant, OSHA issued what are considered four serious violations of safety. It also issued a citation for a willful violation.

The agency says the plant has 15 business days to comply with the requirements in the citations. The plant can also contest the findings if it believes they are incorrect.

The specific injury reportedly occurred while the woman was using a machine that cuts and seams materials. The plant manufacturers frozen breads. Those products are sold in stores such as Piggly Wiggly and Costco.

Reports indicate that the woman suffered lacerations and burns to her right hand. The injuries impacted her ligaments and tendons. She is a 30-year-old who was working in a temporary capacity, say reports.

A spokesperson from OSHA said that workers are injured in thousands of incidents across the country every year. She said the accidents often occur because employers fail to recognize hazards or problems with machines. OSHA is recommending that the company in this case pay $85,800 in fines related to the citations.

While OSHA does its best to inspect and penalize companies that don’t keep up with safety requirements, injured workers often feel like they are on their own in seeking compensation for medical and other expenses. Understanding the legal process involved in a workers compensation claim and how to seek coverage of your expenses and losses is an important step to moving forward with your future.

Source:, “30-Year-Old Temporary Worker Needs Surgery After Her Hand Catches in Packaging Machine,” July 28, 2015