Lawmakers have been urged to update the worker’s compensation system in the state of Wisconsin by close to 400 employers. Almost 400 petitions were delivered by the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) to the state’s lawmakers.

The petitions came from all over the state and urged lawmakers to make changes to the system for worker’s compensation. The petitions also urged lawmakers to support the medical fee schedule that was approved in the fall by the Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC). This council is made up of five management reps and five labor reps.

The close to 400 petitions were not the only documents delivered to lawmakers recently. Also delivered to lawmakers were a letter with 49 signatures of Wisconsin chief executive officers (CEO) and 450 emails from last fall. The CEOs range from manufacturing firms to farms to road construction firms.

The Worker’s Compensation Employers Coalition (WCEC), which is made up of 56 associations of employers, also backs the medical fee schedule that was approved in the fall of 2017. Organized labor unions in the state also support the fee schedule.

There is no price control in the state of Wisconsin for worker’s compensation, which makes it one of the most expensive states in the country when it comes to medical procedures under worker’s comp. When compared to the median for the Midwest states, the costs for worker’s compensation insurance in Wisconsin are 46 percent higher.

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Source: Workers Compensation, “Nearly 400 Wisconsin Employers Urge Legislators to Reform Worker's Compensation System,” Jan. 04, 2018