Wisconsin residents who have dealt with loss of a loved one in a sudden accident or incident know that the grief process often includes unanswered questions. For many, answers to questions about the cause and reasons behind a loved-one’s death are as valuable as monetary compensation to assist with future or current needs. For families of 9/11 victims, such answers are likely to remain elusive as a wrongful death suit comes to a close.

On Dec. 17, attorneys in the last airplane-based 9/11 lawsuit announced that a settlement had been reached. The case spanned 12 years, and the judge commended the attorneys from both sides on the deal. The judge stated he didn’t think a settlement was possible.

For one woman who lost a brother in the attacks, a settlement in this case means there will not be a chance to seek answers in court. Some individuals were anticipating answers to questions regarding security, negligence and a balance between liberty and safety. The woman stated she was not upset about the settlement itself, and she felt like the attorneys in question acted in the best interest of clients.

The settlement, which included insurance carriers and American Airlines, totaled $135 million paid for wrongful death claims. An attorney stated the funds related to the settlement were currently in escrow. The funds will be disbursed to plaintiffs after a final court hearing in Jan. 2014.

This settlement is the last in a long line of 9/11-related settlements that kept airlines out of court. In this case, the plaintiffs were related to Cantor Fitzgerald, a company that lost over half of its 1,000-team-member workforce during the 9/11 attaches.

Source: WXOW.com, “NY financial firm announces $135M 9/11 settlement” Larry Neumeister, Dec. 17, 2013