Pedestrians count on motorists to make sure they are safe. The last thing that a pedestrian wants is to get hit by a car. When that happens, it can be devastating. Think about how it would feel if a heavy vehicle with a steel frame slammed into your delicate body. As you can imagine, the effects can be devastating.

We know that you might still be shaken up about the accident. This is completely understandable. When you suffer the catastrophic injuries that can occur during an accident that pits a car against a person, you might begin to think about how your future is going to be. It isn’t always easy to gauge this, but you might imagine that your future isn’t how it might have been otherwise.

One thing that you have to think about when you are struck by a vehicle is getting medical care for your injuries. This is imperative because you might have injuries that you don’t know about at the time of the accident.

If you can, try to get contact information for anyone who saw the accident and the other driver who is involved. The police officers might get this information on the police report. Even if you don’t get the information at the scene, you might might be able to gather it from there. You can also try to get photos, if possible.

We know that this is a traumatic time, but trying to stay calm after you are struck by the car might help you with your claim for compensation. Of course, this might not be possible if you have suffered from very serious injuries since you might need emergency medical care.