In a previous blog post, we discussed drunk driving crashes and how you need to consider the terms of a settlement offer carefully. This is true for all car crash settlements. The terms of the settlement can have a huge impact on the rest of your life, particularly if you are facing a catastrophic injury. We understand that you might need some help determining what you need to review before accepting or declining a settlement. We are here to help you go over possible settlements to ensure they are in your best interests.

Think about this — a 25-year-old who suffer a spinal cord injury in the C1 to C4 level faces the possibility of $4,724,181 in care costs over his or her lifetime. That is a stark look at what the aftermath of a car accident injury might be. While that figure might seem high, it isn’t comprehensive. It doesn’t include the potential loss of earnings and similar points.

Now that you have heard about that figure, you are probably wondering what your future care costs are going to be. This isn’t something that is easy to determine. We can help you try to determine what future costs you will incur so that you can factor that into any settlement or claim for damages.

You should remember that almost every settlement in these cases will include a clause that prevents you from coming back later to seek more compensation if you determine you didn’t claim enough in the first place. This means that you can’t afford to cut yourself short if you choose to settle.