Keep Wisconsin’s Workers Compensation System 

It’s One Of The Best In The Nation:  Let’s Keep It That Way!

We need to keep Wisconsin’s workers compensation system intact.  In January the state legislature, at the request of governor’s DWD secretary, attached Assembly Bill 21 to the Budget Bill.  If the Budget Bill passes later this spring with Assembly Bill 21, it will negatively impact Wisconsin’s worker’s compensation system (WC), which is generally regarded as the best in the nation.  [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] in Milwaukee, Wisconsin represents workers with serious neck and back injuries; most of our clients have surgery and/or permanent restrictions preventing a return to work.  This is serious business and the DWD secretary is playing some sort of social experiment to satisfy an ideological impulse.  To get the best results in stopping this nonsense please contact your state representative or state senator and let them know you do not want our workers compensation system dismantled.

The proposed changes won’t save taxpayers a dime.  The entire WC system, including the cost of the judges, is funded by assessment against the WC insurers. Reorganizing various agencies won’t save any taxpayer dollars. 

The current WC system protects taxpayers by preventing injured workers from unnecessarily using Medicaid services.  Currently, WC judges review all settlements between injured workers and insurers to be sure that work-related injury care is paid for under the WC system.  This protects taxpayers from unnecessarily paying for work-related injury care through Medicaid.  Eliminating this oversight, as proposed, would result in injured workers’ care being paid for by Medicaid at taxpayers’ expense.

The current system provides stability, predictability and enhances insurance choices for Wisconsin Employers.   In 2013 Wisconsin had 313 insurance companies writing WC policies, among the most in the country.  Why?  Wisconsin’s 100 year history of consistency and predictability.  Wisconsin rates are only $5.10 for every $100 of payroll, the lowest among surrounding states.

Wisconsin’ WC System is fair, efficient and cost-effective.  

Wisconsin has lower costs.  Wisconsin costs were among the lowest in a 16 state study of worker injury claims.   

Wisconsin has less litigation.  Injured Wisconsin workers (those with 3 days or more of lost work) successfully navigate the WC system without having to apply for a hearing or hire an attorney nearly 80% of the time.  In comparison, Illinois claimants use the formal litigation process 2 out of 3 times.

Wisconsin WC insurance premiums are stable.  Over the past six years there has been only a 2.35% overall rate increase; less than inflation.

Employees, employers and insurance companies all favor keeping Wisconsin’s Workers Compensation System.  Call or email your Wisconsin State Representative or State Senator and let them know, do not dismantle our workers compensation system.