If you ever find yourself on the side of the road because of an accident, there are a handful of things you can do safely that will help with the investigation. Not all accidents will be investigated, but there will be a police report issued. Even if there is no investigation conducted, it’s still possible that you can file a lawsuit for damages.

With today’s technology it shouldn’t be difficult to take pictures or even video after an accident. You can easily do this using your mobile phone.

Take pictures of the damage to all of the vehicles involved, especially your vehicle. Take pictures of any debris in the roadway that could’ve caused the accident or debris created by the accident. Take pictures of blood and other items strewn about the road from the crash.

Do your best to never move evidence after a crash. This can be harmful to any investigation that the police might have to conduct. If you notice that items are moved, be sure to let the police know what was moved and where it was originally located after the crash. Pictures can help substantiate these claims as well.

If you have a notepad and pen in your car, you can also write down information about the crash. This includes what caused it, who was involved and what evidence has been moved. Give this information to the police so that they can determine the best course of action in their investigation.

After you preserve evidence of your car accident, be sure to seek medical attention. Both of these actions will help immensely should you decide to take legal action against the other driver involved in a Milwaukee crash.

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