The best way to lower your chances of being involved in an accident on the roads of Milwaukee is by becoming a better defensive driver. This takes a lot of practice and time to accomplish, but it can be done. Defensive driving does not take the place of driving safely. It coincides with operating your vehicle in a safe manner. Here are some tips for becoming a better defensive driver.

Make yourself aware of the other drivers around you at all times. Letting your guard down is when you are most likely to be involved in an accident. You cannot assume that other drivers will be just as safe as you. You also can’t assume that they will follow the rules of the road, the speed limit or obey the laws. When you anticipate other drivers being unsafe, you will put yourself in a better position to avoid an accident.

We’ve all heard of the three-second rule. This means you should leave at least three seconds of stopping time between you and the vehicle in front of you. This rule works in normal weather. If you are driving in congestion or inclement weather, double the rule to six seconds to give yourself plenty of time to stop.

Cut the distractions out as much as possible. This includes mobile phones and tablets. Do not even have them within your reach when behind the wheel. Knowing you can access them when driving will only tempt you to pick them up and use them.

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