Driving is exhilarating and stressful all at the same time. With so many large vehicles on the roads, specifically tractor-trailers, driving can be difficult and scary for some. Here are some tips for safely operating a vehicle near large trucks when on the roads of Wisconsin.

Avoid driving in the blind spots of trucks. Blind spots are a common cause of accidents with trucks. Because these vehicles are so large, it can be very difficult for truck drivers to see smaller cars and SUVs on either side of them, leading to accidents if they decide to change lanes quickly. Truck blind spots include both sides and even the front and back of the truck. Try to see the driver in his or her mirror. If you cannot, it’s highly likely that he or she cannot see your vehicle.

Do not tailgate a truck when driving in Milwaukee. It’s never a good idea to tailgate any vehicle, but doing so behind a truck can be deadly. You have less time to stop should the truck slam on its brakes. These are some of the most tragic accidents involving trucks.

Always pass a truck with caution. Use your turn signal and give yourself plenty of room. You also should be able to see the truck driver in your mirror as you pass. If you cannot see the driver, your vehicle is too close to the truck.

Trucks require a lot of room when making a turn. You need to anticipate wide turns when driving near a truck or risk getting clipped. If you are at an intersection and see a truck attempting to make a turn, do not pull up to the white line. Stay back a bit to give the truck ample room to make the turn easily.

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