Even a minor motorcycle accident can leave a rider feeling shaky, and when injuries are involved, the situation can feel even more overwhelming. It’s normal to be uncertain what to do next or who to talk to. The most important thing after any motorcycle accident is to immediately call the police and ensure any injuries are assessed and treated by a doctor. Also make sure to not admit any fault.

Once any injuries have been dealt with, it is time to start the process of notifying the insurance company of the accident. If you were not able to get the other party’s insurance information, the responding officer should have those details in the police report. It is crucial to begin talking to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident, so someone can help you deal with the insurance companies and any settlement offers as the case progresses.

In all of the flurry in the days and weeks after a serious motorcycle accident, it is normal to be talking to a great many different people, and it can be difficult to keep track of everything that the insurance companies and doctors tell you. This is where documentation plays a key role.

As much as you can, write down every conversation you have with someone involved in the accident, every medical appointment and anything else that you think may be important later on. Noting down the details of who you talked to and when as well as a summary of what was said can make it easier to recall things down the road, and for your attorney to prepare the case, should it go through the Wisconsin courts.