There is no amount of money that can alleviate the pain and suffering of wives who lose husbands in car, motorcycle or truck accidents. The unexpected loss of a loved one in any scenario is tragic, and Milwaukee residents understand the deeply-felt emotions experienced by the families.

When an investigation or accident reconstruction identifies a cause of a truck accident, the survivors are entitled to seek compensation from those deemed to be responsible. Not only can this provide financial security through dollars to pay expenses such as medical bills and lost future income, the psychological value in holding negligent parties accountable helps in the family’s recovery.

In January a semi truck accident occurred in a nearby state. It was allegedly caused by truck driver fatigue and resulted in the death of a Tollway employee. The worker, 39, was helping a disabled tractor-trailer on the side of the road when he and a state trooper also assisting were hit. The 46-year-old driver of the second truck has been charged with operating the commercial vehicle while fatigued or impaired. He also allegedly made a false report in his trucking log according to police. Investigation showed he had been working 37 hours straight – driving beyond the mandated 14- and 11-hour rules – just prior to the collision.

The trooper was critically injured. The widow of the deceased victim has filed a wrongful death and negligence lawsuit against the driver and the trucking company for which he worked. The complaint claims the company allowed the man to drive without the legally required rest, didn’t verify his log and neglected to ensure federal trucking regulations were followed. Four counts seek in excess of $200,000 in damages. The defendants are also named in a suit filed by the injured trooper. Reportedly, bail for the driver was set at $150,000. He was released on a $15,000 bond.

While every case doesn’t go to trial, being prepared to do so through knowledgeable, in-depth review of the facts is critical. Effective strategies in both negotiating and courtroom delivery can go a long way toward successful outcomes.

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