Police officers in Franklin were dispatched for a reported motorcycle accident on Saturday, Aug. 26. The accident occurred around 1:30 in the afternoon. It happened at STH 100 and Whitnall Edge Road. The accident, which involved a motorcycle and one other vehicle, killed a 41-year-old man who was operating the bike.

According to officers from the Franklin Police Department, the motorcycle was traveling on STH 100 in the northbound direction approaching Whitnall Edge Road. This is when the motorcycle was struck by another vehicle. The other vehicle involved in the accident was being driven by a 62-year-old female resident of Waukesha.

Police and other emergency responders pronounced the motorcycle rider dead at the scene. They did not release the identity of the rider or the female driver. Police also did not comment on the condition of the female driver. Police from Franklin said that the accident remains under investigation, which is being handled by the Wisconsin State Patrol at this time.

Motorcycle safety is important for riders of all experience levels in the state of Wisconsin. It’s easy for riders to become complacent after gaining a bit of experience, but this can lead to tragic accidents. It is best if all motorcycle riders operate their bike as if they are invisible to all others around them. It can help prevent an accident that could lead to injury or even death.

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Source: TMJ4, “Police in Franklin investigating fatal motorcycle accident,” Aug. 26, 2017