A fatal two-vehicle auto accident Tuesday night took the life of a 37-year-old woman and left others injured. The accident occurred in Pleasant Prairie, Minnesota, at the intersection of State Highway 165 and 120.

The accident occurred between a black SUV containing three adults and two children, and a second vehicle driven by a 39-year-old man, who was the sole passenger of his vehicle. The second vehicle apparently ran a red light and hit the black SUV, according to a witness of the accident. The man was uninjured, although his vehicle was heavily damaged in the front-end.

The SUV sustained the worst damage of the two vehicles and its occupants suffered the worst injuries. A 4-year-old girl was ejected from the vehicle and was found lying on her back in the middle of the intersection. The driver, 43, was trapped in his seat with an alleged shoulder injury. Two backseat passengers, a 37-year-old woman and a 10-year old child, were both injured. The child only suffered a cut to her hand, while the woman had serious injuries. The only uninjured victim in the SUV seemed to be the 51-year-old female passenger in the front seat.

It took two Flight for Life helicopters to transport the 4-year-old girl and the 37-year-old woman to Froedtert Hospital, where the woman was pronounced dead. The little girl’s injuries are unknown at this time.

The accident remains under investigation, with no details as to why the 39-year-old man ran the red light; however, he has been taken into custody for homicide charges for his negligent, reckless driving.

This is a tragedy for all involved. It is clear that the man is responsible for the life of at least one person and the injuries of the others. The victims and family of the deceased victim can file a personal injury or wrongful death suit against the responsible party. Injured victims may be compensated for their injuries, including medical bills, physical pain, loss of income and future earning capacity, and emotional suffering. Families of deceased victims may be compensated for any expenses involved in the death of their loved ones, any economic impact on the family and loss of companionship.

If you or a loved one have suffered injury from the negligence of another, you should consult a personal injury attorney to see what your rights and options are.

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