Driving always comes with its share of risks in Wisconsin, particularly during winter weather or the rush of new animals in the spring. Careful drivers can make the road safer by paying attention to the road and leaving safe stopping distances, as well as following the most important new safety laws.

A resident of Wisconsin was charged with felony reckless homicide after his car fatally struck a state trooper in Illinois. The officer had been attempting to help after a separate crash during a snowstorm had worsened conditions on Interstate 294 about 25 miles south of the border with Wisconsin.

The Kenosha man also pleaded not guilty to violating Scott’s Law, which stipulates that drivers must slow down or move over to avoid striking emergency vehicles. The legislation is similar to Wisconsin’s “Move Over” law, which requires drivers to leave a safe zone for law enforcement and emergency service vehicles.

The trooper was on his way home after his daytime shift when he saw an accident scene and parked his cruiser near the left shoulder before the other driver tried to pass on it. The collision caused fatal injuries. His family and troop mourned the loss of a “go-to guy” who had also served in the Army in Iraq.

Victims of car accidents or the survivors of traffic fatalities have the right to seek financial damages in civil court to help with the difficult business of recovery. Legal representation may increase the chances of a successful claim in civil court or a settlement before a matter has to go to trial.