One of the goals for an auto accident victim and his or her family may be to seek financial compensation from the person or persons responsible. While a victim must initially focus on physical recovery, concerns such as medical expenses and lost wages can relentlessly hover in the background.

About an hour south of Milwaukee, a car accident happened in February. It involved two vehicles, and both drivers were hurt, according to reports. They were taken to a local hospital for treatment. Neither car had passengers.

The highway was closed for almost eight hours after the crash. Police report that debris was strewn across all six lanes, and a special accident investigation team needed that long to reconstruct what happened and collect evidence. In addition to the physical material, witness reports show that the car driven by a 23-year-old man was weaving through traffic when it suddenly crossed into the oncoming lane and hit the car the female victim was driving.

Prosecutors charged the man with aggravated DUI because a blood test result was positive for marijuana. He allegedly admitted he had used the drug two nights before the accident. He is scheduled for trial on the DUI arrest, and for causing an accident that inflicted bodily harm on the victim.

The woman’s husband reports that she suffered serious injury that included several broken bones. Her medical evidence will be used in the criminal trial.

Regardless of that potential punishment for the negligent driver, victims and their families are entitled to seek compensation through civil action. It’s possible that a criminal investigation can help in that endeavor.

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