As we discussed in our previous blog post, changes are coming to the way that truckers keep track of the time they spend on the roadways. Paper logbooks are being phased out and electronic logs are coming in their place. We believe this change might prove very beneficial to people who are injured in semi-truck accidents.

The problem with paper logbooks is that they can be altered to make it appear as though a trucker wasn’t in violation of the Hours of Service regulations that all commercial drivers have to follow. In some cases, truckers might carry more than one logbook to fake compliance. That can mean that it is rather difficult to determine the truth in an accident. The move to electronic logs makes it much more difficult to fake these logs.

The federal HOS regulations state that property-carrying truckers can drive a maximum of 11 hours per shift if they have 10 hours of off time prior to the shift. For passenger-carrying drivers, that limit is reduced to 10 hours of driving time after 8 hours off. When truckers fail to comply with those regulations, they risk fatigued driving. That can be a safety issue for those who are on the roadway at the same time as the trucker.

If you were in a semi-truck accident, we can help you to scrutinize logbooks or electronic log records. We can help you to investigate the accident. You don’t have to try to go up against the trucking company, insurance company and any other liable parties on your own. Instead, we can help you with every aspect of your claim for compensation.