Accidents involving a child of any age are one of the most frightening things parents face. How much harder it must be to bear when there is no risky behavior or unavoidable calamity that causes the tragedy. Wisconsin moms and dads mustn’t live in a constant state of worry about the wrongful death of their children. But choices regarding medical care and activities in which children are included deserve careful consideration.

Parents filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a dentist after extensive dental work led to the death of their little girl. The 3-year-old suffered a brain injury, slipping into a coma after the procedure. The child later died, and the suit will be amended to include a wrongful death claim against the dentist, her business and certain members of the staff.

According to allegations, there were at least four critical errors made that included misdiagnosis, overmedication, inadequate monitoring and untimely resuscitation of the child. The dental work included root canals in four teeth and fillings in six others. An examination by another dentist reportedly indicates most of the work was unnecessary in the first place. It is alleged the drug combination of central nervous system depressants was not adjusted to the proper dosages. Medical records indicate more than 26 minutes elapsed between respiratory and oxygen levels measurements.

Traditionally, people respect the authority of their doctors and dentists and hesitate to question them about treatment plans, drugs and other medical information about which they are unfamiliar. Trust in a medical professional can be enhanced, however, with questions and answers presented in a helpful way.

When it appears negligence or medical malpractice resulted in any type of loss, developing an understanding of the options available to hold those persons accountable is crucial to a family’s recovery. Financial damages will not change the pain and suffering of loss, but it often goes a long way towards preventing similar incidents involving someone else.

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