Wisconsin residents who were involved in a car accident in the past, or who have friends or family members who were involved in past incidents, know that damages from crashes can be far reaching. Often, individuals think only of the immediate damages to property. Though spending time at the body shop isn’t something anyone wants to do, serious injuries resulting from accidents can lead to even less desirable damages.

Understanding the type of damages that may be sought or awarded in a motor vehicle accident injury case is a good step in the beginning of recovery. A first concern for anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident is usually mounting medical bills. When another party is at fault in an accident, they or their insurance company may be held liable for medical expenses. This is true even if you have health insurance; auto insurance may pay full claims or cover deductibles and copays.

When accident injuries cause individuals to miss work, damages may also cover lost income. Other possible compensation may be sought in cases that involve long-term injury. Those damages include things such as funds to cover future medical bills and lost income, compensation for permanent disability and damages to cover emotional pain and suffering.

In tragic cases where someone loses his or her life in an accident caused by another party, damages may include loss of consortium or funeral expenses. Every case is different, and it’s important to remember that defendants are unlikely to offer maximum damages willingly. Professional assistance in such cases can help individuals understand when to settle a claim and when to consider further legal options.