When you are struck by a drunk driver, you are likely going to have a lot of things going through your mind. One of the things that is likely going to take up residence is how you are going to pay for the damages you have to deal with. The answer to this, at least in the short-term, might not be that simple.

You do have the option of seeking compensation for the damages you suffered. These range from loss of income to medical bills and everything in between. In most cases, insurance coverage will kick in to cover most of these damages.

Drunk driving crash compensation claims are likely going to go through the settlement process. These cases typically don’t go to a trial. The good news here is that you are likely going to get your money faster, which means that the dark financial cloud will be gone.

As part of the final settlement in the matter, you are going to have to sign some documents. One of these is a release from liability that takes the liability away from the insurance company. Once you sign this and the other settlement terms are completed, you won’t be able to seek more compensation, even if your expenses end up being more than you thought they would be.

Because drunk driving crash settlements are final, you have to think carefully about the terms you are agreeing to. Think about how you will cover all of the expenses and your normal life expenses until you are able to work again, if working again is possible. Don’t rush to accept a settlement just so you can have fast cash.

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