Both criminal and civil investigations surrounding a vehicle accident can be tedious and time-consuming to complete. In the case of a fatal motorcycle accident that occurred in Oct. 2012, the driver who allegedly caused the accident is still facing criminal charges and was due in court on Dec. 8 regarding the case.

According to investigators, the 26-year-old woman did not see a motorcyclist on the roadway. Investigation reports for the fatal motorcycle crash did not specify why the woman did not see the other driver. It is common for drivers of larger vehicles to miss motorcyclists, which can result in accidents due to things like failure to yield.

In the Oct. 2012 incident, the woman turned in front of the motorcyclist. At the time of the incident, she was on Highways 12/27 in Jackson County, traveling north. The 28-year-old motorcyclist was killed in the incident.

After a lengthy investigation, the woman is facing charges of homicide by negligent vehicle operation. In such cases, the negligent driver is likely to face civil action from family members of the deceased as well.

For loved ones, a crash investigation that spans the course of months or years can be difficult. The possibility of criminal charges or the need for additional evidence before making a determination about a civil case can loom over lives, impacting the grieving or healing process. When compensation for medical or other expenses may be required for future stability, it’s essential to understand the importance of timing and complete research in a personal injury case.

Source:, “Taylor woman charged in fatal motorcycle crash” No author given, Dec. 05, 2013