In Wisconsin a car accident left turn right of way is determined by two considerations. The question, who is fault is an accident when a car makes a left turn in front of me? Do I have the right of way going straight through an intersection on a green light and some guy turns left in front of me? First, the law the Wisconsin statutes define “right of way” as the privilege of the immediate use of the roadway and, further provide, that the driver of a vehicle within an intersection intending to turn to the left across the path of any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction shall yield the right of way to that vehicle.

The word “approaching” involves a concept of nearness in space and time.  An automobile is approaching an intersection when it is not so far distant from the intersection that, considering the speed at which it is traveling, it is reasonable to assume that a collision will occur if the driver of the automobile intending to turn left undertakes to do so by changing the course of the automobile from the right lane, across the center line, and into the path of the oncoming automobile. If the oncoming automobile was approaching the intersection, it became the duty of the driver turning left to yield the right of way to the approaching automobile.

Secondly, a safety statute provides that no person shall turn his or her vehicle at an intersection unless and until the movement can be made with reasonable safety.

This law requires the driver of the turning vehicle to use ordinary care to make an efficient lookout.  This calls for the driver to use ordinary care to determine the presence, location, distance, and speed of any vehicle that might be affected by the driver’s turn or movement.  After having made these observations, the driver must also use reasonable judgment in calculating the time required to safely turn or move without interfering with other vehicles within or approaching the vehicle’s course of travel.

If a driver negligently makes a left turn in front of oncoming traffic and causes an accident, the negligent driver is responsible for damages including medical bills, wage loss, pain, suffering, disability and loss of enjoyment of life.

[nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] attorneys in Milwaukee, Wisconsin represent drivers and passengers injured in auto collisions caused by negligent drivers making a left turn in front of cars going straight.  Rules of safe driving require that the left turning driver maintain a proper lookout and yield the right of way when necessary to oncoming traffic.  The test is what is reasonable under the circumstances in the moments just before the car accident.