Workers’ compensation claims aren’t only for injuries that occur as the result of an accident. Instead, some workers’ compensation claims are the result of injuries that occurred over a long period of time. These degenerative injuries can be just as harrowing and costly for the workers as injuries that occur because of an accident. No matter what type of workers’ compensation claim you need to make, we can help you learn about specific points that are applicable to your case.

Occupational injuries, such as back injuries or wrist injuries, can make doing the simplest of tasks painful. When these injuries first begin, you might not even realize that there is an actual injury. You might chalk up the discomfort to temporary soreness. When the pain persists, you might finally realize that there is an actual issue. By that point, there is a good chance that more damage has been done to the affected area, which will require more intensive care.

Once you come to the realization that something is actually wrong, you will need to seek out medical care. Workers’ compensation is meant to help you cover the costs of getting that care if the degenerative injury was the result of your job duties.

One thing that you don’t have to worry about is being fired for making a workers’ compensation claim. Wisconsin law forbids employers from firing you based solely on a claim for workers’ compensation.

Whether you suffered an unexpected injury in an accident or have realized that you have a degenerative workplace injury, you can count on us to help you as you pursue the workers’ compensation that you are entitled to receive.