Dangers for motorists in Wisconsin often change with the seasons. Springtime brings more leisure drivers, especially motorcyclists, and people must raise their attention levels. Winter often means the roads are coated with ice and snow, which can lead to massive accidents involving many vehicles.

But many dangers exist year-round, as drivers can always make mistakes or ignore important details when they are distracted by cellphones or other objects on the road. This is why people in Wisconsin must always take extra care on the road, especially at high speeds or in congested areas.

The Badger State’s system of higher education was thrown into mourning by an unexpected tragedy when the wife and daughter of a basketball team staff member were killed on the M-14 highway in Washtenaw County. The two males in the car, the daughter’s father and brother, were injured and are expected to survive treatment.

A driver from Ann Arbor was moving westbound in the eastbound lanes of the highway near Detroit when she struck the family’s car head-on. The incident remains under investigation as the friends and colleagues of the victims gathered to mourn the two fatalities.

People who were injured in motor vehicle accidents or lost family members as fatalities on the road have the right to claim financial damages to help move past the trauma and loss of the crash. This may include compensation for pain and emotional distress as well as reimbursement for related costs like medical care. An attorney can help elucidate these options and figure out the best way forward after a tragic event.