Distracted driving is a huge issue. It can cause many of the same problems as drunk driving. Someone who is distracted also has slower reaction times, makes avoidable mistakes and puts other people in danger. Drunk drivers may never see a stop sign and blow right through an intersection, for instance, and the same thing can happen when a distracted driver is looking down and texting.

So, how do you spot these people in advance? Are there any signs you can look out for so that you know to keep your distance?

The first and most obvious sign is when you can see the distraction through the window. You look over at a stoplight and a driver has headphones in his ears or she is looking down at her phone and texting. You’ll be surprised by how often you can see people actively engaging in distractions behind the wheel.

Another clue is when someone is driving erratically. The car may slowly drift from one side of the road to the other, sometimes drifting right over the center line. This often means the driver is not looking at the road, only glancing up occasionally to correct those mistakes.

Drivers who pause for too long at intersections are also a red flag. If the light turns green and the car just sits there, the driver probably isn’t looking at the light. A lot of drivers try to use stoplights to text, and they may keep texting even as they start driving if they’re not done in time.

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