A devastating accident near Wisconsin Dells left one person dead and sent four others to the hospital.

According to reports, a minivan was driving in freezing rain. Coming the other way was a Jeep Compass, a compact SUV. The roads were covered in slush. As the two cars neared one another, the minivan started to slide out of control in the poor conditions. It spun all the way over the center line, into oncoming traffic, where it was struck by the Jeep.

It looks like only one person was in the Compass. She is 27 years old. The minivan had a driver, who is 25, and three passengers.

Both drivers survived the two-vehicle crash. However, there was some confusion. Early reports claimed that the 25-year-old driver had been killed in the wreck, but later reports clarified that a 30-year-old passenger, who was at first said to have survived, actually passed away.

Emergency crews responded to the scene and rushed all of the injured parties to nearby medical centers. It took at least three ambulances to move them all safely, and four separate agencies arrived on the scene.

This story shows how drivers must be careful in poor weather conditions, which can magnify even the smallest mistakes. In this case, one driver losing control for just a second put four people in the hospital and caused one to lose her life.

Those who get injured in these devastating accidents, or the families of those who are tragically killed, must know all of their legal rights. They may be able to seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.