Hit-and-run car accidents are among the worst motor vehicle accidents. Leaving an injured victim behind is not only negligent and selfish, but it is also illegal. Without help from others involved in a car accident, a victim’s injuries could worsen or lead to death if he or she is unable to call for help. However, hit-and-run accidents sometimes leave victims few options for retribution if the negligent driver. Fortunately for a Milwaukee hit-and-run victim, police have located the driver.

Recently, a 21-year-old man was hit by a driver in Milwaukee. He survived the crash but sustained injuries to his head and hands. The driver, however, sped away. Fortunately, passersby rushed to help the man and keep him safe from oncoming traffic.

Earlier this week, the young man’s grandmother spoke to a local news station about the incident. She expressed extreme gratitude for the people who helped her grandson after he was hit. She also pleaded for the driver to confess to causing the accident.

Luckily, a security camera at a store near the crash site caught the incident on tape. Police have apparently discovered who the driver was, but no arrest has been made. 

An accident like this one can change a person’s life in an instant. Although this man was fortunate to survive with injuries that he will likely recover from, not everyone is so lucky. And when injuries require hospitalization or expensive medication, the bills can add up. Fortunately, personal injury laws in Wisconsin allow car accident victims to seek compensation from a negligent driver that can help cover medical costs. An attorney can help explain how to file a lawsuit. 

Source: 58 News, “Grandmother of hit and run victim speaks out,” Tiffany Shepherd, May 29, 2013